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A Walk To Kailash

A Walk To Kailash(A Brief of Kailash Mansarovar Trek)
I undertook the Kailash Mansarovar Trek from 06.07.16 to 31.07.16 and crossed two passes Lipulekh (5100 Mtrs) and Dolma (5610 Mtrs). Trek length was around 250 Km. Here is the detail with pic and videos for awareness and knowledge of others.
Ministry of External Affair organize the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra(KMY) every year. One can apply online and selection is done through lucky draw.  There are 3 routes available for going to Mt. Kailash: 1. Lipulekh Pass Uttarakhand (27 days) 2. Nathula Pass Sikkim (17 days) 3. Nepal (10 days) . First 2 are done by GoI. Lipulekh is most difficult and one has to walk around 250km in High Altitude mountains ranging from 3000m to 5610 mtr. You needs to be medically fit for going to this route but mental fitness matters most. Its a trans himalaya trek where you are going to cross the himalaya and reach the tibetan pleatu in chinese side.the endurance level of this trek is difficult as need to walk on s…

Polycom Realpresence The gatekeeper did not grant permission to place the call.

Polycom Realpresence The gatekeeper did not grant permission to place the call.

Known Issue: The gatekeeper did not grant permission to place the call. Contact your network administrator for assistance.

Reason : Your endpoint has been quarantined. One or more endpoints are sending too much signaling traffic. They have been temporarily blacklisted and may have been quarantined. At least one device, in violation of protocol standards, is sending too much of the specified type of signaling traffic (H.323 or SIP) to the RealPresence DMA system. If there are many such ill-behaved devices, it could affect the RealPresence DMA system’s ability to provide service, so the system temporarily blacklists any such device (ignoring all signaling from it until it stops sending messages more frequently than the specification permits). If the device is or was registered, it’s also quarantined, and it remains so until manually removed from quarantine

Solution: Click the link to go to the Network > End…

SEO How to add a new website in Google Analytics

SEO How to add a new website in Google Analytics
Once you’ve built your website, developed content and given each page a unique title tag and meta description, it’s time to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is free tracking software that lets you monitor how people use your website, as well as how they find it. From an SEO perspective, Google Analytics is a great tool for spotting opportunities to further optimize your website for specific keywords. Installing Google Analytics as soon as you launch your website gives you data right from the beginning, helping you further optimize later.
Installing Google Analytics is simple. Just visit and sign up using your Google account. Once you’ve configured your website in Analytics, you’ll need to paste your unique Analytics tracking code onto your website.
If you use WordPress, you can add the code using the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin. If you have a static HTML website, you can add the Analytics tracking co…

Create a auto popup Modal Popup Window in Blogger with close button

Create a auto popup Modal Popup Window in Blogger with close button.

If you want to show some welcome popup or advertisement on your blog or website then you can do it easily by pasting the following code in body section of your page. To do this in blogger follow the steps.

1. Go to Layout section of your Blogger.

2. Add "html/Javascript" widget and drag it to Post section.

3. Enter following code as shown in the widget.

<dialog style='z-index:10000;'> <div><button id="close">X</button>    <p style='font-size:8px; color:grey;float:right;'>Advertisement.</p> </div>    <h1></h1>  <a href='' target='_blank'><img src="" alt="Everest Helicopter Tour for a day" /> </a> <h4>Book exciting packages at <a href='http://transhimal…

Mt Everest Base Camp Solo Trek

Mt Everest Base Camp Solo Trek

I did the solo trek to Mt Everest base camp (EBC) and Kala Pathar in Solukhumbu region of Nepal from 24 April to 10 Th May. Lukla-EBC-Kala Pathar-Phaphlu trek is part of Great Himalaya Trail and it's about 200 KM. I started by doing a warm-up trek of 11 km with my 5 yr old daughter at Indradaha in outskirts of Kathmandu situated at 2000 mtrs. After collecting my TIMS card and permit for Trek I took a thrilling  ride on a turboprop plane from Kathmandu to Lukla airport having just 500 mtrs of airstrip for landing on mountain-side. Started the trek of 6km to Phakding on the same day. On day two, i had to make my way to the well-known Namche Bazaar, one of the biggest rest areas and full of markets, restaurants, and cafes – but reaching this haven at 3,440 metres requires extreme effort. It involved 13 km and six hours of high climbing and steep steps through rhododendron forest, elegant waterfalls, crossing rivers via long, swaying suspension bridges. H…

ASP.Net Merge Data Table with Primary Key and show in Grid

If your rows are appending in 2 data table merge then  you must declare a primary key after creating the data table and it will prevent appending the rows of final merge table.

  Dim rodt = getDBTable("select hr as Region, count(ro) as c from kpa_forms where  del= 0 group by hr")
rodt.PrimaryKey = New System.Data.DataColumn() {rodt.Columns(0)}
            Dim mydt = getDBTable("select hr as Region, count(ro) as c from kpa_forms2 where  del= 0 group by hr")
mydt.PrimaryKey = New System.Data.DataColumn() {mydt.Columns(0)}
            gvOtherAdmin.DataSource = mydt

Install Squid on Windows Server with Access List and Cache Cygwin for Proxy Internet

Install Squid on Windows Server with Access List and Cache Cygwin

Configure Gateway in Windows server with 2 LAN Card

Set public ip with gateway and DNS in one LAN Card to have internet connection on your server.
In other LAN card you need to setup LAN IP without Gateway as 2 gateway are not possible in one machine. So workaround shall be activate Static Routing and Remote access service in windows.

Add a static route for all your LAN traffic like my internal LAN in and gateway is then my entry shall be


You can do the same using command line

> route add  -p mask
> route print

Now my both LAN card have been configured.

Install Squid on Windows Server with Access List and Cache Cygwin

Download the MSI from Currently only 64 bit version is provided.

Install on D drive

service can be configured from task bar.

Change the port to 8080 from 3182 in sq…

5 Top-Paying Certifications for 2017

5 Top-Paying Certifications for 2017 Hello Everyone, here are the 5 Top Paying Certifications for 2017.

An IT certification is a readily recognized benchmark mapped to a specific skill set based on standardized testing. A certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific platform. Once you earn an IT certification, you join a select group of individuals - a peer group with demonstrated skills-set. Having a certification shows that you not only possess comprehensive knowledge of that technology but, you also care enough about your own career to spend the time and money to get certified. Remember: You are your own best career manager.
Looking for your career path? IT certifications are the first way to show your current or future employer that you have what it takes to do the job! So, check out the list of the certifications that will land you in a high-paying position.
let’s run through 5 high paying IT certifications that — on an average — pay …

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