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A Walk To Kailash

A Walk To Kailash(A Brief of Kailash Mansarovar Trek)
I undertook the Kailash Mansarovar Trek from 06.07.16 to 31.07.16 and crossed two passes Lipulekh (5100 Mtrs) and Dolma (5610 Mtrs). Trek length was around 250 Km. Here is the detail with pic and videos for awareness and knowledge of others.

Ministry of External Affair organize the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra(KMY) every year. One can apply online and selection is done through lucky draw.  There are 3 routes available for going to Mt. Kailash: 1. Lipulekh Pass Uttarakhand (27 days) 2. Nathula Pass Sikkim (17 days) 3. Nepal (10 days) . First 2 are done by GoI. Lipulekh is most difficult and one has to walk around 250km in High Altitude mountains ranging from 3000m to 5610 mtr. You needs to be medically fit for going to this route but mental fitness matters most. Its a trans himalaya trek where you are going to cross the himalaya and reach the tibetan pleatu in chinese side.the endurance level of this trek is difficult as need to walk on s…

Pull data from Biometric Machine with face and finger recognition to Process and Upload

Pull data from Biometric Machine to Process and Upload

Here is the code to pull data from multiple biometric machines having  face and finger recognition through tcp/ip using same port.

1. Connect with Machines,,
2. Get data and save into Datatable
3. Load csv file havind mapping of Biometric ID with Employee ID
4. Sort the datatable to Process the Data and mark In punch and Out punch in required format.
5. Finally generate the CSV File
6. Alternatively same data can be uploaded directly to HRMS Server database.

My machines with different brands worked with above dll.
Here is the code

Private Sub btnGo_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnGo.Click ' Try '' Load Bio ID from CSV file Dim bio As New Dictionary(Of String, String) Try Dim sr As New StreamReader("C:\bio\eid.csv") Do While sr.Peek <> -1 Dim linearray As String…

Embed images from folder to Excel column in multiple rows using macro

Excel Image Embedding
do_insertPic will embeds all the images in to excel cell.
do_insertPic1  will just link to physical path of image so you can not copy and use excel file in other PC.

Example: All my image path is mentioned in column A, I am embedding all images in Column C which is 500 from A

Option Explicit

Sub pic()
Dim MyRange As String
 Dim picname As String
 Dim mySelectRange As String
 Dim rcell As Range
 Dim IntInstr As Integer
 Dim Mypath As String

 Mypath = "D:\Career\"
 MyRange = "A2:A5000"

 For Each rcell In Selection.Cells
    If Len(rcell.Value) > 0 Then
        picname = Mypath & rcell.Value & ".jpg"
        mySelectRange = Replace(MyRange, "B", "A")
        IntInstr = InStr(mySelectRange, ":")
        mySelectRange = Left(mySelectRange, IntInstr - 1)
        do_insertPic picname, mySelectRange, rcell.Left + 500, rcell.Top
     End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Create Online Meeting Room Booking System Using Google Forms & Google Calendar

Create Online Meeting Room Booking System Using Google Forms & Google Calendar
Check the Demo here

This simple feature is not available and you have to buy it from app developers. Here it is available free for you.

First create Google form like this for Meeting Room Booking:

This form will simply add events on a google Calendar like this:

Now go to response excel sheet. Where your response will be saved. Go to Tools and Open Script editor

In script editor we will write the code for adding event in google Calendar on submission of form. On execute you will not be able to run this code. As this code will be run using triggers on submission of Google forms. You can only check the log by pressing Ctrl + Enter
Write the following Code: The key steps of this script are to first get an incoming form response and then second, turn the form response into a calendar event. We will write two functions to accomplish these two steps and wrap them in an onFo…

Mt Elbrus 5642 Mtrs Solo Climb from India : Reaching on top of Europe from Asia side

On 25.06.2018 I successfully climbed the Mt Elbrus Solo. Here is a guide for how to do it Solo.
Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe, and the tenth most prominent peak in the world. A dormant volcano, Elbrus is in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, near the border with Georgia. At 5642m, Elbrus and its double-coned volcano is 832m higher than Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc. It’s a certified member of the ‘seven summits’ – the highest point on every continent – and is coveted by mountaineers everywhere. You climb an European Mountain from Asia without entering the Europe.

How to Reach:
Nearest Village: Cheget (12km), Terskol (10km) and Azau (5km)
Nearest Town: Minerlnye Vody (180km) and Nalchik (120km). Both Place have Airport and Railway Station. There are regular buses from Nalchik to Terskol. Bus station at Terskol is near Hotel Elbrusiya. There are no buses from Minerlyne Vody. Taxi is the only option. At Minerlyne Vody airport terminal you can get the …