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VB.NET Facebook C# SDK to post pics on fan pages

Throughout digging in to internet finally i am writing this for geeks:

Step1 : Install FB C# SDK through Nuget in Visual studio 2010. (Install Nuget first if dont have)

Step2: Creat new Windows Project.

Step3. Right click project >  Manage Nuget Packages (Its below add reference)

Now you are ready to have reference to use FB C# SDK in Vb.Net App without creating/converting DLL.

Open your Form.vb
and import Facebook.
Here is an simple example to  to post pics on fan pages
Prerequisite. > Create a simple test app in FB developer  > Go to your apps permission and give some extended permission like: publish_stream,offline_access,read_stream,manage_pages
> Create a webbrowser control and textbox in your form > nevigate using webbrowser use your app id as client id > on run webbrowser  will ask your user id and password and allow permission for app.. at the end it will leave u with current access token which u can use to post on page as well as profile since we have…

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