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solution for facebook waiting

Problem: Few days ago, my firefox browser started to refuse to load the, in fact it loads the login page, but then lingers forever on the next step stating; "waiting for the" or "Transferring data from the" First I thought it's something with their server, or my ISP, but then I learned that all my friends that are on the same ISP aren't having similar problems what so ever. I thought it might be my wireless internet rooter, but with my Laptop connected wireless upon the same rooter everything's coming up roses, while parallel on my Main rig, it loads n' loads forever ;; I can not click upon any app or send any msg. I think I already tried everything.. Even power cycling the rooter, dns flush,malware,spyware etc..
Solution: (Due to popularity of this post i am also including snapshots at the end) So finally here is the solution... google some online ping sites like and ping the…