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How to give internet access to certain IP in LAN using ISA web proxy

Ok so you have a local area network of computers and you want to give internet access to only few computers. First configure your ISA server as i explained earlier in my post

Now >>> open isa management
>>> go to firewall policy ( as marked 1 in red color in first image ) >>> policy u view there local internet rule >>> in internet rule  ( as marked 2 in red color )
>>> open property of internet rule  ( as marked 3 in red color )
>>> go to from tab 
>>> u have to remove internal from there ( as marked 4,5 in red color )
>>> don't forgot to remove internal from internet rule >>> because internal allow all pc >>> & add new computer by giving ip >>> so that only certain ip will be allowed from the internal range add-> computers  ( as marked 1 in red color of image 2 )
>>> to add certain ip click on add ( as m…

Trans Himalaya Trek

Trans Himalaya Trek:

I have little information about Trans Himalaya Trek. It is a 2500 km trek which starts from nepal and ends at Leh. Best time to start the trekking is March - april and it takes 6 month to complete it. I have not done the Trans Himalaya Trek but i have been at the places which comes in to Trans Himalaya Trek. It's now 5th year for me living in himalayas. I will share some snaps of trans himalaya places in this blog.

The route traverses the entire Western Himalaya, starting at Dharchula on the western border of Nepal, it enters in to india from uttarakhand  cuts through the dense knot of the Nanda Devi and then covers the kedarnath badrinath  Gangotri group of mountains, further it goes to kinnaur valley of himachal from Harsil valley of uttarakhand, then crosses into the valleys of Spiti , Lahaul and eventually ends at Kargil in Leh.

Very few people have walked the length of the Himalayas in the last few decades. Either that or there is just very little documented…

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