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How to start programming for mobile devices symbian OS

1. Join the nokia forum

2. ActiveState ActivePerl 5.6.1 Build 635 is required by the S60 and Symbian SDKs to enable C++ development. Download and install prior to installing the required SDKs. The version of ActivePerl required for these SDK is available here.
By default it wont get installed on c:\ but installed from where the setup runs (eg g:\)when installing on windows 7 right click on its setup exe and unblock to set environment variable. do this right click on "my computer"----> properties-->advanced system settings ----> environment variables.
then enter new system variable with name "PATH"
and value: enter the path for perl/bin folder

when i start the carbide, it pops up an alert message,telling that "perl was not found on your PATH.the symbian building tools cannot work successfully without perl.".
I resolved the problem.
initially i had my path variable like this (a space after semicolon)
C:\Program Files\CSL …

How to change LAN IP domain from one to another

I have a Local area network with domain. It is connected to MPLS ( as well as VSAT backup link ( with serial 0 ports of CISCO 2800 router. For some reasons I have to change my network to domain.

Changing LAN  from to>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. change router ethernet interface ip in this case it will become from Go to start > Run > type cmd telnet enter password uttarkashi#config uttarkashi(config)#interface GigabitEthernet0/0 uttarkashi(config)#description $Loahari-LAN$$INTF-INFO-GE 0/0$ uttarkashi(config)#ip address uttarkashi(config)#Ctrl-Z 2. Now change IP of your PC to 3. Now router can access the external networks but your PC dosen’t so now configure bgp so that all…