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mysql update from another table

UPDATE contacts_New p, users pp
SET pp.last_name = concat(p.desig, ' ',p.dept)
WHERE pp.username = p.eid

Lets say we have 2 tables one named contacts_New and one named users .

I waana update users last_name field from contacts_New p.desig, ' ',p.dept field. use above query.

ASP.Net Update Panel Dropdownlist Abnormal Behaviour

ASP.Net Update Panel Dropdownlist Abnormal Behaviour: while selecting value some other item gets selected or lost its state in asyncpostback. To resolve the issue check that  DataValueField is having unique values

asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel2" runat="server">Triggers>
                   asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="ddlMoU" EventName="SelectedIndexChanged"

asp:DropDownList ID="ddlMoU" runat="server" datatextfield="mou" DataValueField="mou" AutoPostBack="True" OnSelectedIndexChanged="ddlMoU_SelectedIndexChanged" EnableViewState="true"

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