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Searcharoo : Open Source .Net Search Engine

## Post originaly written by Dragon, i have just simplified it more.

Searcharoo is an open-source C#/ASP.NET implementation of a search engine and website spider. This is an open-source project initiated and maintained by Australian Craig Dunn. It runs very fast and provides pretty configurable interface. Over the years it grew to become a full-featured search engine with many of the modern features which became a standard. Some of these are the following:
- stemming
- stop words
- use of robots
- search of phrases from within files such as PDFs, Word, etc.
- geotagging results
- many many more.

You can find the full list of features at the Searcharoo website. The latest version is 7.0 and that is the version I am going to be using in my example. So for the purpose of this example go and download a latest version source code and unzipp it to the folder of your choice. You will get several folders at the destination:
- EPocalipse.IFilter (internal component used by the Searcharoo, no …

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