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How to Setup Low cost Video Conferencing System for Home

Purpose: To have a low cost Video Conferencing Solution which can work on Normal TV Set and do not need login and configurations like Skype or Zoom does. It will help Kids and aged persons to use it easily on just a push of a button to be ready for video chat on a home TV. Low Cost is another factor. 

Video calling is an option for most people, however, as some old age parents are not in the position to learn how to use a computer, the only option was to build a system that would be as simple as possible for them to operate, wouldn't need maintenance, and it would be inexpensive as well. Additionally, the system had to be able to be connected to a television screen, so they will be able to comfortably use it and they won't have to look into a tiny phone screen in order to see .

Some SMART TV have Skype feature but camera for that much costly than the raspberry system. Also with no proper support and updates it does not give much quality on Smart TV. Benefits summary:
- Low cost u… Dynamic User Form Creation from Database for Insert and Update

Here was my requirement, I wanted to have a mastertable as shown below where i can put form information with Labels, TextBox, DropDownList, Checkbox, Date Fields etc and just call the formid and all the controls of form will be rendered on screen.

Next important step was to insert the data in designated field of multiple tables. That too needs to be controlled from master table.

Another step was to update the data in designated multiple tables.

You can design the master table field_master for forms in sqlserver, mysql, sqlite etc.

Printorder is the order of rendering the control on Formformid represent which form you want to render. You can have so many forms in the table identified by this field.field_name is the name to be displayed as label for control like Namefield_type is the type of control to be rendered like text for textbox, label for label, dropdown for List etc.required Y or N for field is required or notdefault_values   Here you can enter values like Vinod for name, If yo…