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Planning Bhubneshwar Jagannath Puri Tour : 4 days

The schedule:
Day 1:Local sightseeing in Bhubaneswar - cover Lingaraj, Rajarani and Mausima temples and Dhaulagiri-the Buddhist Stupa. If theres time you can visit Nandankanan(30km),the awesomely densely wooded zoo. Drive to Puri  60 km from Bhubaneswar.

Day 2: stay in one of the several beachside hotels. Visit the Jagannath temple, spend the evening on the beach .

Day3 :head to Konark (konark to puri is 35 Kms). You can finish the Sun temple in a couple of hours and drive back to Puri that night itself. Nothing much to do in Konark as the sea has too strong tides and you only need to spend an hour at the Sun Temple

Day 4:drive out to Satapada-the confluence of chilka lake and the sea.Its around 30 to 35 kms.

Parashurameshwara Temple is one of the best examples of the Orissa style of temple architecture. This temple followed very rigid parameters set by the ritualistic books. The temple has some exquisite carvings and sculpture.

Vaital Deul (800 ad) has a double-storied wagon roof, which in…

How to transfer lotus mail files from one server to other

I have to transfer a mail file 100242.nsf fromLoharinagPalaM1 server to ERHQM1 server… Here are the steps
Open your Lotus Notes Mail Admin ( I exlained the process of setting up in last post)
Open Server from file
choose your local server i.e. LoharinagPalaM1 from dropdown click ok

Go to domain > Files > /lotus/notesdata/ mail and select the nsf file as shown  right click on it and choose Access control > Manage 
 (click image to enlarge)

1 Click on Add
2 Click human icon
3 choose address book
4 5 find destination mail server i.e. ERHQ mail admin
6 Add
7 ok

 (click image to enlarge)

1 Now select user type Person 2 Access Manager 3 uncheck Delete Documents 4 Ok

1. Now open Domain>People and Groups 2 Domino direct > NTPC directory > people 3 select name 4 right click > move to another server

1 Select server eg ERHQM1
2 OK
3 OK

Now You can do Recertify from your own server but it is recomended from main server i.e. CorpM1 So choose File>open server > select CorpM1 > OK

1. Now …

How to configure Lotus Domino Administrator Server Account

While installing Domino administrator the setup itself asks for setting up domino administrator account by asking Domino administrator name, Server IP and then password followed by the administrator ID File.
Here is the step by step guide  to configure Lotus Domino Administrator Server Account

But in case Domino Administrator could not be configured during installation, then later on it can be configured as follows :- Step 1:- Run the domino Administrator (It would be blank i.e.It wouldn’t show any data) Step 2:- Go to File->Security->Switch ID (as shown below)
Get file

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