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How to install ISA internet proxy

Internet Service Accelerator for web proxy
>>> restart the pc & after that open isa management console  >>> from program menu >>> go to firewall policy >>> now right click on that & go to new policy >>> then access rule >>> it will open a wizard  >>> write internet rule >>> click on next >>> choose allow >>> click next >>> select all outbound protocols >>> then next >>> now click on add >>> go to network >>> double click on internal & than local host >>> has it is showing internal & local host in the list >>> click on next >>> now again add >>> & choose external from networks  >>> now finish  >>> bye clicking next next >>> i think one rule has been made in the list >>> now again make one more access rule >>> this is for ur local network >>> name it local >>> al…

MPLS Connectivity CPE ADM STM1 and OFC

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1.LAN is connected to gigabit Ethernet port GE0/0 of CISCO 2800 Router.
2.2 nos of ASMi-52 modem are connected with each other through a LAN cable.
3.ASMi-52 modem having DCE V.35 port is connected to serial 0 of CISCO 2800 Router.
4.The other ASMi-52 Modem is connected to CPE ADM STM1 through 4 wire LAN cable. Color code Orange, orange white, Blue and Blue white at location 1,3 ,5,6. The other end has to be punched in ADM.
5.Tx and Rx optic fiber cable shall be terminated at ADM device of service provider (BSNL exchange) which is connected to MPLS core network through PCM.
6.Alternate backup satellite link can be setup by connecting RADYNE satellite modem to serial0 (zero) of cisco router.

-Vinod kotiya

How to send bulk or group sms using AT command with GSM GPRS Modem

In earlier post we discussed how to send single sms to a number. Now here i will describe how you can send bulk or group sms using web application in ajax.

We have designed a group sms web application for LPHPP intranet

This is an AJAX based .net application which uses web service and a timer control to send sms from client browser. If one client browser is busy sending the sms and another user tries to send sms then his sms will go to pending queue by generating a smsid e.g. 123. Later IT administrator may send pending sms by just changing the url like (replace parameter group with do123)

This method is applicable for both pending and done sms.

The web application has two type of access to client.
1. Direct access : users who know the masterpassword can immediately send the sms from there browser.
2. Review mode: If users dont know masterpassword then they ha…

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