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Open multiple home page in mozilla

How to Open multiple home page in mozilla firefox

do this

open tools > options > main > home page

and seperate all site entries with pipe (|)

eg | |

In google chrome it has inbuilt option to do this.


- Vinod Kotiya

Secure your wireless network in easy step.

Secure your wireless network in easy step.

Nowadays everybody has broadband internet
connection through wi-fi modem at their home and offices.
If you dont want to provide unauthorize access of your network to strangers then
do these simple settings in your wireless modem. You must change default settings of
your modem cause everybody knows it.

1. open your modem in browser like give userid and password.

2. go to LAN setting and change whatever default ip from to newer one like save and reboot the modem
now your pc/lappy got new IP

3. now go to wireless settings and change SSID from default to newer one like "VIN"

4. now go to security and change WEP Encryption to Enabled

5. current network key to 1

6. enter 13 digit network key like 123456789abcd and save

7. now again search for new network in your laptop

8. it will ask 13 digit key when click on connecting.


Vinod Kotiya

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