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Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007

Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007

In office 2003 there was a by default feature available to drag and drop cell in columns. you highlight cell then place the cursor in the lower right corner of the originating cell until it turns into a black plus sign (note the lower right corner has a small black square in it- move pointer or drag pointer) then drag down the column it will do what you want.

This feature is not turned on by default in office 2007.

So how to make it turned on:

in office 2007 click on top left office buton > choose excel option in bottom

Now go to advanced > Edit options
from here you can Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007 as shown in figure.

Vinod Kotiya

Dayara Bugyal, Uttarkashi

Dayara Bugyal (28 kms) : Bugyal or a "high altitude meadow" at an altitude of 3048 metres affords awe-inspiring view of the Himalayas. There is also a small lake here. The road to Dayara Bugyal branches off near Bhatwari(NTPC LPHPP Office), 28 kms from Uttarkashi on Gangotri road. Vehicles can go up to Barsu village, from where one has to trek.The trek itself is about 8 km and reaches an altitude of about 10,000 feet. During winters the almost 28 sq km of gradual slopes make the place ideal for skiing. Those intending to stay on will have to arrange for tents, sleeping bags.

Here are the pics:


Slide show

Few Videos:

- Vinod Kotiya
This is the Enigma Silence Must Be Heard
Video uploaded by me:



Look into the others eyes, many frustrations
Read between the lines, no words just vibrations
Don't ignore hidden desires
Pay attention, you're playing with fire
Silence must be heard, noise should be observed
The time has come to learn, that silence ...
Silence must be heard
Or diamonds will burn, friendly cards will turn
Cause silence has the right to be heard
People talk too much for what they have to say
Words without a meaning, just fading away
Silence must be heard, noise should be observed
The time has come to learn, that silence ...
diamonds will burn, friendly cards will turn
Cause silence has the right to be heard

cell: +919411103810 Category: Music

Hit Counter in Blog / Website

Hit Counter in Blog / Website

How to show no of visitors on your blog/website:

1. Create an account in third party site like to keep track of your visitors.
2. Copy the URL from counter site to paste on your blog / website.
3. In your blog go to Edit HTML in your Edit Template section.
4. Paste the code as shown in figure and save.

so whenever visitors open your webpages the code fetch the counter result and show it.
-vinod kotiya

Open multiple home page in mozilla

How to Open multiple home page in mozilla firefox

do this

open tools > options > main > home page

and seperate all site entries with pipe (|)

eg | |

In google chrome it has inbuilt option to do this.


- Vinod Kotiya

Secure your wireless network in easy step.

Secure your wireless network in easy step.

Nowadays everybody has broadband internet
connection through wi-fi modem at their home and offices.
If you dont want to provide unauthorize access of your network to strangers then
do these simple settings in your wireless modem. You must change default settings of
your modem cause everybody knows it.

1. open your modem in browser like give userid and password.

2. go to LAN setting and change whatever default ip from to newer one like save and reboot the modem
now your pc/lappy got new IP

3. now go to wireless settings and change SSID from default to newer one like "VIN"

4. now go to security and change WEP Encryption to Enabled

5. current network key to 1

6. enter 13 digit network key like 123456789abcd and save

7. now again search for new network in your laptop

8. it will ask 13 digit key when click on connecting.


Vinod Kotiya


IGNOU OPENMAT MBA HALL Ticket generally comes very late and the online hallticket appears at ignou website before 4-5 days . I found the link for Openmat XXV and just replaced the number 24 with 25 to get the link . However I did not get the same result this time. I would suggest you to wait for few days and try this method of replacing 25 by 26 everywhere

for MBA Openmat XXVI august2009 it may be

Connect Sony XPLOD MEX-BT2500 Bluetooth CD Receiver with ur mobile

How To Connect Sony XPLOD MEX-BT2500 Bluetooth CD Receiver with ur mobile

1.Press the “OFF” button,
2. and after the clock or demonstration appears
3. press and hold the “EQ/BLUETOOTH” button. (Assuming Your mobile handsets bluetooth is on)
4.After about 7 seconds the Bluetooth logo will appear, and in your phone (or MP3 player) display you'll see connect to “XPLOD”.
5. If ask password then enter "0000" 4 times zeros
6. Connect the two devices, and you are ready to talk, play music.

-Vinod Kotiya
NTPC Limited

How to copy restricted files (inside desktop and mydoc)

How to copy restricted files (inside desktop and mydoc) from 1 pc to another:

Ø remove simple file sharing from Folder Options

Ø right click folder > security > permission give full permission to Everyone

in permission entries only Everyone should remain

Ø go to owner > check mark Replace Owner and apply


-Vinod Kotiya
NTPC Limited

Oneway traffic problem in server2003

Oneway traffic problem in server2003


When server is able to ping everybody but no one can ping the server.

To solve change firewall policy of antivirus:

Click desired ip range NIC and click edit.

To add new exception list click add.

Select both inbound outbound and save.

Now it works.


If ISA is running then it may block certain IP's to ping the server:

This may include NTPC WAN range.

Similarly to Access from 10. series network do this

-Vinod Kotiya
NTPC Limited

SAP transaction F-47 Advance Payment

F-47 Advance Down Payment & Settlement

After release of Misc Service PO / Purchase Document

(Click to enlarge images)

Run F-47

Document no shall be generated automatically when Click New ITEM





Settlement of Advance

For settlement of advane run MIR7 and follow procedure for park incoming invoice.

And specifically mention that this is not for payment.

Send the document no generated to F&A

- Vinod Kotiya

SAP Transaction MIR7 Park Invoice

Invoice Parking


Enter PO No. and Adopt

Rounded Rectangular Callout: 1) Press this to enter PO lines as aboveRounded Rectangular Callout: 2) After entering PO No. and line No. Press Adopt Button

Check Final Invoice should be as per PO

Click Account Assignment

In Account Assignment window as above

Fill amount and click Check

Click Back and Simulate.

Now your Invoice is ready for Parking if Green Light is coming.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: 5) Paste the qty here in ‘PO reference’ Tab as mentioned in step 4.

-Vinod Kotiya

SAP Transaction ML81 SES

Preparing MB Service Entry Sheet
(Click images to enlarge)
Step 1 Create SES ( ML81N)

1 & 2 Enter RA Bill No. & invoice no in external no

3 Click services to get B0Q items

4 Select PO

5 Select Service from line

6 Click Services

6 & 7 enter quantities

8. Click green flag

9. Save

Step 2 Print SES

Now Print service entry Sheet (ZMM022)

Step 3 (EIC) Release

Get it Release from EIC (ML85) or ( ML81N)

ML81N Process

Click other purchase order and enter service entry sheet no

Click on Change

Click on Green Flag to affect release

Click on Save.

Step 4 (EIC) Park Invoice

Go for Parking Invoice(MIR7).

Enter SES no to Adopt : Read Park Invoice Documentation for Details.

- Vinod Kotiya

Remote login for Limited account user

Remote login for Limited account user:

Goto control panel>admin tool>local policy

Add Everyone in following setting

- Vinod Kotiya

Increase Net speed by 20%

Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth! Get it back, Also Turn Automatic windows update OFF

1. Turn Automatic windows update OFF

Just Disable Automatic Windows Update
The default setting in Windows XP is to have XP scan for updates automatically. If you follow a specific routine for your updates or if your connection doesn’t effectively support having this feature run automatically, disable it as follows:

Goto[Control Panel]->[Performance and Maintenance]->[System]->select [Automatic Updates]

2. Increase Net speed by 20%

A nice little tweak for XP. M*crosoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..)

Here's how to get it back:

Click Start-->Run-->type "gpedit.msc" without the " (or alt+ctrl+delete then new task)

This opens the group policy editor. Then go to:

Local Computer Policy-->Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Network-->QOS Packet Scheduler-->Limit …

Migrate IFAS Data to ERP Template

How To Migrate IFAS Data to ERP Template:

By: Vinod Kotiya Engineer(IT) and Ravi Kiran (Xcel Software)

1 create a blank access file

2 from file> import data

import payroll/pay0407\run\ codemas>code407.dbf and create a table
import totpay>totalpay.dbf and create a table add new field codename

3 create blank table with inlk fields

4 fill the codename field in tot407 table using following query(codequr)

UPDATE TOT407, code407 SET TOT407.codename =
WHERE CODE407.CODE=tot407.code;

5. make the net ammount using pay_tag of totpay407. query(update_paytag)

UPDATE tot407 SET amt = -1*amt
WHERE left(pay_tag,1)='2';

6 fetch the inlk_raw_data from pivoting empno query(inlk_raw_data_fill) in tot407 table

SELECT empno, sum(IIf(code='000',amt,0)) AS amt0, sum(IIf(code='001',amt,0)) AS amt1, sum(IIf(code='002',amt,0)) AS amt2, sum(IIf(code='003',amt,0)) AS amt3, sum(IIf(code='004',amt,0)) AS amt4, sum(IIf(code='005',amt,0)) AS a…

TaskManager, Registry Editor, Folder Options in XP

Enable / Disable TaskManager, Registry Editor, Folder Options in Windows XP


Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
Name: DisableTaskMgr
Value: 1=Enablethis key, that is DISABLE TaskManager
Value: 0=Disablethis key, that is Don't Disable, Enable TaskManager

Click Start Click Run Enter gpedit.msc in the Open box and click OK
In the Group Policy settings window
Select User Configuration Select Administrative Templates Select System
Select Ctrl+Alt+Delete options
Select Remove Task Manager
Double-click the Remove Task Manager option
And as I mentioned above, since the policy is Remove Task Manager, by disabling the policy, you are enabling the Task Manager.

Registry Editor
) Just type following in RUN dialog box and press :

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Type gpedit.msc in RUN dialog box and goto:

User Configuration -> Administrat…

configure Hughes DirecWay Router

How to configure Hughes DirecWay Router

1. connect new router to your laptop.
2. open tcp/ip setting and set it to autometically obtain ip address and leave the dns info as such
3. open "telnet 1953"
4. type b to see all properties of broadband (caution backspace doesnot work here)
5. rf is used to clear all settings
6. z is used to close the connection to host(router)
7. a is used to enter new settings
8. pw is used to save the settingssss

Main Menu:
(a) Configure Boot Parameters
(b) Display Current Configuration
(c) Display Satellite Interface Statistics
(d) Display Active Routing Table
(f) Run Software Download Monitor
(h) Display Reset History
(i) Installation

(pc) (Parameter Clear) Clear Configuration
(pw) (Parameter Write) Write Configuration
(rr) (Gateway Reset) Reset the Gateway
(rd) (Gateway Deconfigure) Force Download and Acquire New Keys
(z) Logout

LPHPP Settings

Fallback.bin Creation Date [Release #]: Jan 8 2008, 13:05:16 []

Routing When Server is connected to 2 WAN

Routing When Server is connected to 2 WAN

Server is having 2 ethernets

1. Lohari GW
2. Broadband GW DNS
If there is a http request from then server wont send the packet however respond to ping reply.


Now I will add the 191.254.187.* network in static route so that can know on which gateway to send packet.

Not tested. but if works than cover complete NTPC WAN.

Adding Static Routes using batch file netsh Command:

netsh routing ip add persistentroute "Lohari"
netsh routing ip add persistentroute "Lohari"
netsh routing ip add persistentroute "Lohari"
netsh routing ip add persistentroute "Broadband Uper NIC"

netsh routing ip show persistentroutes

-Vinod K.

cache problem in ISA2006

Vinod Kotiya
NTPC Limited

is Definately my favorite Sin...."



install MDAC
install .net framework

control panel> add windows component>
check application server>details>check mark everything > detail of IIS >
check mark everything (specially frntpage extension)


check indexing service
check .net framework 2.0
check networking service

insert server 2003 cd1 and cd2 while installation

open IIS

right click websites>create new

description> LPHPP
path> e:\intranet directory
ip address >
give permission 4 all> read write execute etc

for ms access database
open the folder choose > tools > folder option>disable simple file sharing
right click on (*.mdb file and choose security
give full control to iis_username(internet admin)

for uploading file to virtual directory
right click on folder> choose security
give full access for write permission

use browser

if page under construction err…

IT Systems Design For Hydro Projects

IT Systems Design For Hydro ProjectsVinod Kotiya, Er.(IT)Any of the big projects like Loharinag-Pala Hydro Power Project (LPHPP) needs a secure and reliable means of communication for all project executives, contractors, consultants, and vendors to freely share project information from diverse locations while maintaining security and integrity.Most of us would be agree on this that at the initial phase of each project communication systems and basic infrastructure must be on top priority. Having an efficient and aggressive project plan for communication network will provide maximum teamwork and team interaction which results in lowered development costs and saved project time, thereby reducing the time to complete the project.Design of IT and communication system should be in following manner:Requirement:
Design and implement the requirements and efficient way for all executives involved in the project to communicate and collaborate. Solution:
Design and engineering Infor…

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