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Javascript to Post XML data to uri and get xml response

Javascript to Post XML data to uri and get xml response

Here is the html code to post xml data. Copy in notepad and save as html.

 <title>WMS Test</title>  
 <script language="JavaScript">  
  function doit()  
   var url = '';  
   var method = 'POST';  
   var postData =  
    '<TRANS_MCU><!-- The root Is the transaction name. --><TRANS_COMMON_PARAMS> <MCU_TOKEN>0</MCU_TOKEN><MCU_USER_TOKEN>0</MCU_USER_TOKEN><MESSAGE_ID>1</MESSAGE_ID></TRANS_COMMON_PARAMS><!-- The next element Is the action (Login), And below it are the actions parameters, in this case, the Login parameters. --> <ACTION> <LOGIN><!-- The next parameters are the MCU IP And the port number. --><MCU_IP><IP></IP><LISTEN_PORT>80</LISTEN_PORT><HOST_NAME/></MCU_IP><!-- The user And password s…

ASP.NET XML API Login to Polycom RMX 4000 MCU and get detail of single meeting

To get summary of single meeting you need to get meeting id from response received in meeting summary as i said in my last post. You can also loop through that result to get meeting detail of each meeting id within 15 sec with same token.

Private Sub btnPost_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnPost.Click
        Dim req As System.Net.WebRequest = Nothing
        Dim rsp As System.Net.WebResponse = Nothing

txtXML.Text = "<TRANS_CDR_FULL> " &
                      " <TRANS_COMMON_PARAMS>" &
                        "   <MCU_TOKEN>126</MCU_TOKEN>" &
                         "  <MCU_USER_TOKEN>126</MCU_USER_TOKEN>" &
                        "   <MESSAGE_ID>147</MESSAGE_ID>" &
                       "</TRANS_COMMON_PARAMS>" &
                      " <ACTION>" &
                       "    <GET>" &

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