Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007

Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007

In office 2003 there was a by default feature available to drag and drop cell in columns. you highlight cell then place the cursor in the lower right corner of the originating cell until it turns into a black plus sign (note the lower right corner has a small black square in it- move pointer or drag pointer) then drag down the column it will do what you want.

This feature is not turned on by default in office 2007.

So how to make it turned on:

in office 2007 click on top left office buton > choose excel option in bottom

Now go to advanced > Edit options
from here you can Turn drag-and-drop editing on or off in office 2007 as shown in figure.

Vinod Kotiya


Abhijeet said…
This saved my day! I dont know how but this particular option was turned off for me causing quite a bit of pain :(

Thanks for posting this! Have a good day.
chetan said…
Thnks for taking that effort to help us.
Lakhwinder said…
i was suffering this from some days .... thnks for your posting ....
Prashant Shetty said…
Thanks Vinod - mine was working all these days and got switched off few days ago probably after Windows Updates. After few days of pain, I realised I need to google an answer for this :)
Thanks Vinod -Dharmendra BharadwaJ

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