MPLS Connectivity CPE ADM STM1 and OFC

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1. LAN is connected to gigabit Ethernet port GE0/0 of CISCO 2800 Router.
2. 2 nos of ASMi-52 modem are connected with each other through a LAN cable.
3. ASMi-52 modem having DCE V.35 port is connected to serial 0 of CISCO 2800 Router.
4. The other ASMi-52 Modem is connected to CPE ADM STM1 through 4 wire LAN cable. Color code Orange, orange white, Blue and Blue white at location 1,3 ,5,6. The other end has to be punched in ADM.
5. Tx and Rx optic fiber cable shall be terminated at ADM device of service provider (BSNL exchange) which is connected to MPLS core network through PCM.
6. Alternate backup satellite link can be setup by connecting RADYNE satellite modem to serial0 (zero) of cisco router.

- Vinod kotiya


Tauseef Aslam said…
sir as iam following your steps.. iam not able to understand last two steps can you plz elaborate them more..
THE ONE said…
step 5 is to terminate ur mpls link up to nearest exchange ADM hardware.
step6 is for just to have a backup satellite link. if ur mpls fails then satellite link shall be used.

- vinod k

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