Crystal Report : Show data horizontally (Left to right) i.e. columns as rows

Crystal Report : Show data horizontally (Left to right) i.e. columns as rows
If you wanna show records unconventionally as left to right by putting columns as rows.

fields > date cam1 cam2 cam3 cam4
data >    5      89     34     23     56
data>     6      53      34     43     22

Wanna show it like this

date     5   6
cam1   89  53
cam2   34   34
cam3   23   43
cam4   56  22

1 connect to your datasource

2) After successfull loading then when you run you may see the normal behaviour of Report which will print Vertically.
To print the details in Horizontal manner do the following,
    a) Right click on top of "Section3 (Details)" on the report, select "Section Expert..."
    b) On "Section Expert" window (the "Details" section is already highlighted) untik all the checkboxes on "Common" tab
   c) Tick the "Keep Together" checkbox and "Format with Multiple Columns",
       once you tick the "Format with Multiple Columns", a new tab as "Layout" is displayed
   d) Click on the "Layout" tab and set the "Width" for "Detail Size:" (in my case 0.500) and
       set the "Vertical" for "Gap Between Details:" (in my case 0.100)
   e) select the "Accross then Down" radio button from "Printing Direction:" and click on the "OK" button....
   f) you can delete fieleds from pageheader section.


Sha said…
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Sha said…
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Sha said…
I tried this. It worked. But I cannot see 2nd columns data.
Col1 Col2
AAA 20
BBB 25
CCC 22
DDD 30
EEE 24

Below rows are displayed in below format which is what I wanted to display. But Col2 data is missing.


This is all waht I cn see.

Please tell me what can be the reason behind this issue.
Thank you.
jidheesh Rajan said…
same issue for me also.. can anyone do an help for me..
Bhush said…
It is awesome man ...
Aa huge thanks ...
Bhush said…
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Bhush said…
Hello there,
One more solution require.
Now I am able to display records horizontally but Headres are missing...
What to do ??
PLease notify me at
Thanks :-)
Aamir said…
u r great
Ravi Vaghela said…
Thank You Very Much
Ravi Vaghela said…
Thank You Very Much
Puja Shaha said…
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Faizal Beer said…
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Faizal Beer said…
This is DataBbase :

MeterId MeterTitle ShiftNo Date ShiftTime Total
1 a 1 1/1/2016 06:00 10
1 a 2 1/1/2016 08:00 20
1 a 3 1/1/2016 10:00 30
2 b 1 2/1/2016 06:00 60
2 b 2 2/1/2016 08:00 70
2 b 3 2/1/2016 10:00 80

This is Output :

From : 01/01/2016 To : 02/01/2016 Click

MeterId MeterTitle 01/01/2016 02/01/2016
1 a 50
2 b 50

Please Help Me fr Sql Server Database Coding

Muhammad Wajid said…
good its works for me..........................thanks a lot
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