configure Hughes DirecWay Router

How to configure Hughes DirecWay Router

1. connect new router to your laptop.
2. open tcp/ip setting and set it to autometically obtain ip address and leave the dns info as such
3. open "telnet 1953"
4. type b to see all properties of broadband (caution backspace doesnot work here)
5. rf is used to clear all settings
6. z is used to close the connection to host(router)
7. a is used to enter new settings
8. pw is used to save the settingssss

Main Menu:
(a) Configure Boot Parameters
(b) Display Current Configuration
(c) Display Satellite Interface Statistics
(d) Display Active Routing Table
(f) Run Software Download Monitor
(h) Display Reset History
(i) Installation

(pc) (Parameter Clear) Clear Configuration
(pw) (Parameter Write) Write Configuration
(rr) (Gateway Reset) Reset the Gateway
(rd) (Gateway Deconfigure) Force Download and Acquire New Keys
(z) Logout

LPHPP Settings

Fallback.bin Creation Date [Release #]: Jan 8 2008, 13:05:16 []
Current Software Image Executing: Main.bin
Creation Date [Release #]: Jun 22 2007, 10:00:44 []
NAT Status: NAPT on Lan1
DHCP Server Status: Enabled on Lan1
Firewall Status: Enabled
VSAT Zipcode: Not Available
Parameter Value entered Value in use
-------------------------------------- -------------- ------------
VSAT Return Path: Inroute Inroute
Satellite Longitude in degrees: 108 108
Satellite Hemisphere: East East
VSAT Longitude in degrees: 78 78
VSAT Longitude in minutes: 19 19
VSAT Longitude Hemisphere: East East
VSAT Latitude in degrees: 30 30
VSAT Latitude in minutes: 44 44
VSAT Latitude Hemisphere: North North
Satellite Channel Frequency: 9740 (x 100Khz) 9740 (x 100Khz)
Receive Symbol Rate: 25000000 Sps 25000000 Sps
Receive Polarization: Vertical Vertical
Transmit Polarization: Horizontal Horizontal
LNB 22KHz Switch: Off Off
Frequency Band / Modulation: Ku / QPSK Ku / QPSK
DVB Program Num for User Data: 20500 20500
DVB Program Num for DNCC Data: 0 0
LAN1 IP Address:
LAN1 Subnet Mask:
LAN2 IP Address:
LAN2 Subnet Mask:
NAT IP Address:
NAT Subnet Mask:
IP Gateway IP Address:
SDL Control Channel Multicast Address:
VSAT Management IP Address:


THE ONE said…
2 more commands

Rf -- reset all files
Rr -- force reboot
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