c:\fakepath html 5 havoc

I used asp.net visual web developer 2010 to upload files. I got error due to c:\fakepath in asyncfileupload control. Many of you face following problem:

IE8 upload control shows "c:\fakepath\"
c:\fakepath - how to workaound this?
C:\fakepath is shown in the attach files dialogue when selecting or typing the path to the attachment to be uploaded on ie8 or windows 7

The reason is The C:\Fakepath is specified in HTML 5, so maybe all borwsers that implement this specificaten may hide the real file path. new security features in IE 8 the file upload will not report the real file path to the control unless you add the page to the trusted site collection of the IE. Instead the “c:\fakepath” is shown to the JavaScript that handles the file upload information. There is no error in your code. This is just to trouble the web developers. Even google chrome doesn't support this.

Solution is : you go to Internet Explorer; Tools; Internet Option; Security; Custom; find the "Include local directory path when uploading files to a server" (it is quite a ways down) and click on "Enable" this works & eliminates that little "fakepath" that is stoping the upload.


Hi Vinod Kotitya

how to fix the same error for Chrome

my email id is mahesh.sanka@ess.net.in
THE ONE said…
check this http://vinodkotiya.blogspot.com/2011/11/aspnet-file-upload-control-with-large.html?utm_source=BP_recent

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