Product Review : uCertify prepkit ASP.NET

So i tried the uCertify prepkit for web application development with framework 4.0 (M70-515-VB)

The gui is very cool... as shown in pics...
You can choose from variety of tests like diagnostic, Fixed time, adaptive test etc..These all are descriptive multiple choice questions. 
It has small multiple choice quiz questions and flashcards where you have to type answers.
Anytime During the test you can make notes, a very nice feature.
The quality of the test is very good. The question belongs to the core of the subject. I have seen many other online test kits which do touch only the common things about the topic. But uCertify prepkit is very enrich in the content. Therefore if you score well in this prepkit then i am sure that you will succesfully clear the actual test. I am saying so because i do amateur programming in and i took the test and got failed :). It's a best exam simulator i have ever seen and my criteria for saying so is:
1. Lovely GUI.
2. Simplicity.
3. Association of Notes/Article.
4. Keep Track of your progress for Comparison
5. It will feel like Real Test..

The kit is not only about the test but it also update ur learning by giving descriptive solutions of questions, notes, articles and How To's. Even graphics and step by step guide is also used when required. These are very much helpful, i would suggest u may try demo version from . Later u would get benefited by all the functionality after purchasing it. It's worthy by enhancing your knowledge base.
You can judge your performance regularly by various reports.

Cons: I have not found the regular updates of same prepkit in 3-4 days trial. So would like to suggest that if it has some feature to get contribution from users then it would be good to update the prepkit frequently.

I would personally recommend following prepkit links for microsoft .NET framework aspirants:

Lets see a screenshot walkthrough of prepkit:

This is How the prepkit screen look like for individual tests (Click Images to enlarge)

 A Question from the topic (Click Images to enlarge)
Some question needs More than one answers (Click Images to enlarge)

A Summary will be shown at end of test to crosscheck the answers (Click Images to enlarge)

At the end of test result shall be shown like this (Click Images to enlarge)

After the test you can check your answers with detail explaination. a very nice feature. (Click Images to enlarge)

A simple quiz question (Click Images to enlarge)

The knowledge base of prepkit (Click Images to enlarge)

Its an independent personal product review. Happy Learning :)

- Vinod Kotiya


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