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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Convert Excel to HTML VB.Net

  • Start Visual Studio.
  • On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project.
  • In the templates pane, expand Visual C# or Visual Basic, and then expand Office.
  • Under the expanded Office node, select the 2007 if you have Excel 2007 installed, or select the 2010 node if you have Excel 2010 installed.
  • In the list of project templates, select Excel 2007 Add-in or Excel 2010 Add-in.
  • In the Name box, type Excel2HtmlConverter.
  • Click OK.

    Now write following code

    Public Class ThisAddIn

        Private Sub ThisAddIn_Startup() Handles Me.Startup
        End Sub

        Private Sub ThisAddIn_Shutdown() Handles Me.Shutdown
            Application.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs("c:/vin.htm", Excel.XlFileFormat.xlHtml)
        End Sub

    End Class

    This will convert .xlsx file to html file. Choose path appropriately.

    - Vinod Kotiya
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